The CruiseControl Best Practices Series

Continuous Integration can be hard. I work with it every day as a Build & Release Manager. In my role I make sure that we are building our software so it can successfully be
deployed to production. In this series of blog posts I hope to
pass on my top ten tips for using CruiseControl
effectively. I’m writing these with the developers or systems
administrators in mind: the people who most often manage
CruiseControl. However, anybody who is interested in
Continuous Integration will get something from these articles.

Part 1: Publish with a publisher [Chinese translation]
Part 2: Keep your dependencies to yourself [Chinese translation]
Part 3:Configuration the CruiseControl way [Chinese translation]
Part 4: Bootstrap with a bootstrapper [Chinese translation] [Config Validator]
Part 5: Refactor your configuration file [Chinese translation]
Part 6: Scaling up [Chinese translation]
Part 7: CruiseControl for non-Java applications

(Image taken from igb’s photostream on Flickr)


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