How to get repeat prescriptions from the Build Doctor

How to get repeat prescriptions from the Build Doctor(image taken from Tevor’s Photostream)

Thanks for all your comments so far. It’s nice to know that people are reading and (in just a few cases) correcting me. I do appreciate feedback – of all kinds. Here’s an outline of the ways you could track what’s going on here, and get in touch.

How to keep up to date:
RSS Feed. If you already use RSS feeds, then perhaps the most sensible thing is to subscribe to the feed for the blog. We publish a full feed which gets you ever article published, as well as daily build and deploy links from

Email Subscriptions. Every page on Build Doctor has a link for subscribing by email. I take privacy seriously, and will not disclose your email to anybody. If your internet access is restricted, this could be an option.

Twitter. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with people, that seems to be quickly gaining traction. I’m going to announce new posts on Twitter.

Talk to the doctor:
You can email the surgery at ‘medic (at) build (dash) doctor (dot) com’

Every Build Doctor blog post has a comment section. I approve comments before they are published, so feel free to drop me a comment. Tell me if you’d like to be emailed back, and I can delete the comment before it gets published.

Twitter is also a good way to get in touch.

Tell your friends:
Every article also has links to social bookmarking sites at the bottom. If yours isn’t there, tell me and I’ll try and squeeze it in.

Thanks to the hipsters at the Disco Blog for the title gag.

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