Build doctor: a standalone blog once more.

Build doctor: a standalone blog once more(image arranged and photographed by my 5 year old daughter)

Its been a little over a week since this blog was removed from the Planet TW aggregator. It was absolutely the right thing to do. That didn’t stop me being nervous about doing it. The problem was the lack of feedback from the users that read the blog via Planet TW’s website or RSS feed. Darren Rowse of had kindly confirmed my suspicion that I wasn’t really connecting with people.

The other issue that I had was that none of the branding came through Planet TW. It was all posted under my name and not the Build Doctor brand.

After some correspondance with the ThoughtWorks IS department, Last Thursday evening Hongtao pulled this blog from the aggregator for me. And nothing really happened. Well, I went to the pub (my local has Broadside on tap!).

Hits still continued to be mainly from google searches, with a few referrals and RSS readers. Traffic was a little down at the beginning of last week but:

  • I hadn’t posted much content last week anyhow; and
  • The drop wasn’t all that significant, and things picked up a little.

What has been interesting is the growth in subscriber numbers. is a new-ish, niche blog that I haven’t promoted very much. The subscriber numbers haven’t been huge. Since the disconnection, the RSS subscriber numbers have been slowly but steadily growing.

Hurrah. A metric that I can actually use.

4 thoughts on “Build doctor: a standalone blog once more.

  1. Troy says:

    It’s nice to have the TW feed to read some of the secondary blogs that I sometimes read. Just too many blogs to add to my google homepage, and TW feed is good for getting a lot of blogs that I don’t want to have to add individually.

  2. Julian says:

    Troy,You make a good point. Yanking my feed from the aggregator wasn’t something that I did lightly; I hope that didn’t inconvenience too many people.Perhaps I should have asked the TW IS guys to publish stats for the feed and the website?Anyway, I hope you can find room to add this one …

  3. Avramopoulos says:

    HIIt is a great and nice post and I like it

  4. Julian says:

    Avramopoulos,Thanks very much! It’s great to get positive feedback.

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