Macrodefs come to NAnt

Update: Eion Curran, the author of this code, passed away in 2010.  Thanks to Brad for pointing this out.  R.I.P, Eion.

Macrodefs come to NAnt
The single finest new feature of Ant 1.6 is the macrodef type. It allows you to take loads of horrid lines of XML, antcall tasks, and allowed you to collapse them all down into a single element. If you’re using the Eclipse Ant editor, you can even complete on the macrodef after you declare it. Sweet!

Macrodefs never made it to Nant. Sour!

There is an unofficial macrodef for Nant. I never got around to testing it. However, my ex-colleague Mark did, and he’s happy with the result. I’ll download it tomorrow. Thanks Mark.



3 thoughts on “Macrodefs come to NAnt

  1. darraghcurran says:

    Hey – heres a link to the download, docs, source for this extension.

  2. […] where you really need reuse. .NET developers will be pleased to hear that there’s some macrodef support for Nant as […]

  3. Brad Bruce says:

    It seems the author of the extension passed away on 2010. There is a memorial page on the site and nothing else.

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