Build Doctor Retrospective Season: Traffic

I had no idea how the Internet was going to respond to my little niche blog. At first, it didn’t. Slowly things built up and a pattern emerged. My audience is mostly in the USA. Almost all the traffic in the week, barely any in the weekend, and most of it driven by Google searches. For a niche blog, I think that’s fine.

Here’s the most popular pages:

1. The guest post by Michael Brunton-Spall on the Big Visible CruiseControl Status Screen (see why we stuck with “Radiator” as the name) had the highest traffic. Getting linked to from The Guardian’s blog helped.

2. Five build patterns was close behind. There’s a lot more to be done with this topic.

3. Of all the CruiseControl posts I have, this is the most popular. Tidying up the config file really seems to strike a chord with people.

4. The Ant series had the most positive comments (thanks everyone). Not surprised it’s in the top 5.

5. Antcall is evil is the post I wanted to be number one. It’s a warning to all those who are tempted by the siren umm, call of antcall. Not sure that I should have rolled up a .NET post in there as well.

In summary, I’m pretty content with it. It was difficult in the beginning but I’m learning about how to write and publicize posts. There was more readers when it was on the ThoughtWorks aggregator, but there was no feedback. Onwards and upwards.

2 thoughts on “Build Doctor Retrospective Season: Traffic

  1. dynamicproxy says:

    Greetings, Build Doctor :)Good to learn how your blog is increasing in popularity.I wish you many adventures on your flight upwards ! — Ram

  2. Julian says:

    Thanks Ram – very exciting times 🙂

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