Build and Release work in London, UK

I’ve been asked if I could suggest anybody for a couple of roles. As an experimental thing I thought I’d put them out there on the blog and see if that helps anybody. Completely open to feedback here. Would you like to see the occasional job ad? Hate the idea? Like the idea but want them on the sidebar? Let me know with a comment!

Fellow Kiwi Daniel called up the other day about a Release Manager role in the City. Very well paid role. It’s more business focussed than what gets blogged about here, but I think you’d want some technical experience. Link

The other role is for one to two days a month helping out with build and release management at a small software house. It would be a coaching role, helping with the strategy, etc. You’d probably be doing freelance work already. Drop me a line at and I’ll put you in touch with the boss there.

2 thoughts on “Build and Release work in London, UK

  1. Eric Lefevre says:

    I am definitely curious to hear about the state of the job market in London.Maybe put the ads in the side bar and blog about them when you feel they deserve it?

  2. Tim Harding says:


    Job ads please! And start asking for money to take direct from employer ads with descriptions that make sense and don’t insult developers too.

    I bet you’d get good money 🙂


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