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links for 2008-12-30

  • Open Solaris could be interesting. Soalris x86 was always a rock solid OS with crap hardware support. Now that Sun gave those muppets at SCO all that money to buy the device drivers, I want to give it another shot.
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  • I love writing these comics. Yes, I'm not John K and I can't draw to save my life. Ideally, I'd be discussing these over a beer with Terry Colon and having him do the artwork. But I still like this.
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2008 in posts

Top posts on, by traffic.

  • January: Irradiating the whole team
  • February: If I ever complain about traffic, ask me how it was in February 2008. A short news item was the most read article.
  • March: Refactor your configuration file This one really seemed to strike a chord.
  • April: The CruiseControl best practices Series
  • May: Antcall is evil
  • June: build radiator
  • July: the post above was a double whammy.
  • August: 5 software build patterns
  • September: Branching: do it like this and nobody gets hurt
  • October: Six tips for automated releases
  • November: The Ant best practices series
  • December isn’t over yet, but it looks like we have another double whammy.
  • The last three months of this year have been on a new platform – wordpress. Traffic has fallen during this time; probably because I hadn’t put the social media voting buttons back on. No big deal. I write for the long term here. It also helps with the demons.

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    Comic: The Windows User

    In 2008 I found out that some people still use Notepad.

    links for 2008-12-28

    CruiseControl Build Radiator

    Sudhindra Rao from ThoughtWorks has released a Build Radiator (Big Visible thing) for all the CruiseControls that support CCTray.

    I installed it tonight. Needed to install the rack and activerecord gems. It would be nice to see it wrap around if you have more than a few projects. Most teams would probably do fine with this on a big display, I suspect.

    This is pretty much what Michael and I did last year, except Sudhindra has made his nicely generic. Oh, and open source and available to the public. That helps a lot.

    Nice work, Sudhindra.



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    Site admin – change to links

    I just deactivated the plugin for WordPress and the Feedburner Link Splicer on this blog. In their place will be a daily post of interesting links. It seems simpler this way.

    Hang onto your hats.

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