CI Cage Fight – Pulse

Jason Sankey of Yutubi presented Pulse. Pulse is a closed source (though they will let you peek! see below) CI server. Jason and his team set out to make something easy and flexible, with a config GUI and an easy install.

What I like is that it scratches a very painful itch: duplication in the config. It uses a template system so that you only ever need to specify something once. With some other servers, you’ll need to specify the same facts (yes, Ant is in /usr/bin, just like the last time). Not so with Pulse.

Pulse also supports:

  • Distributed, multiplatform builds
  • Private builds
  • Role based security

It’s reasonably priced: free for open source, or up to 2 users and 2 projects, up to 4000 USD for the enterprise license which I believe gives you access to the source. Jason told us over dinner that they can easily accommodate towards firms that need escrow or source access. Apparently there’s a decent plugin API. The guys just released Pulse 2 a few days ago.

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