links for 2008-12-30

  • Open Solaris could be interesting. Soalris x86 was always a rock solid OS with crap hardware support. Now that Sun gave those muppets at SCO all that money to buy the device drivers, I want to give it another shot.
    (tags: unix)
  • I love writing these comics. Yes, I'm not John K and I can't draw to save my life. Ideally, I'd be discussing these over a beer with Terry Colon and having him do the artwork. But I still like this.
    (tags: build-doctor)

One thought on “links for 2008-12-30

  1. Good to know that you’ll try opensolaris soon, Julian 🙂 Make sure that you give Belenix a try. I’ve setup a Belenix based box here at TW Bangalore, and will be using it for quick and easy NFS storage for various VM images.

    — Ram

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