Continuous Integration Cage Fight: Team City

Second to last in the talk was Team City, presented by Yegor Yarko of JetBrains.

They’ve done a very good job of the tool and used their position as developers of IntelliJ and Resharper to promote this product very cleverly: so I don’t think I need to do much introduction to the tool. Here’s the notes I managed to scratch down:

  • Free for 20 developers and 20 projects
  • Enterprise license $3000, more build agents (you get 2 or 3 free) are $300 each
  • Configuration is via xml file or web app
  • Build agents are secured: you have to grant them access
  • Unique feature: Gives failed test feedback before build finishes.
  • Unique feature: IDE plugins (IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio)
  • Unique feature: auto commit (it runs your tedious build and then commits to your repo – while you dine)
  • It has static code analysis features
  • It is very developer friendly
  • Unique feature: stop a build [though I think others can do that]
  • Very good .NET support
  • They might open source some of the plugins

Yegor also did a great job photographing the conference. Link


4 thoughts on “Continuous Integration Cage Fight: Team City

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  2. Stephen Bovy says:

    Does it support IBM z/OS ?????

  3. Stephen: You might be able to make it work with some fiddling. Rational BuildForge seems to support at least agents if not the server on Z/OS.

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