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4 thoughts on “links for 2009-01-25

  1. Evgeny says:

    I actually disagree that “He’d know”, he is the last person to know … if only because he is biased.

  2. simpsonjulian says:

    We’re all biased, Evgeny. But if I find a Capistrano author writing a similar post, I’ll update 🙂

  3. Evgeny says:

    Also there is this new trend of replacing “puppet” with a more flexible dsl, it’s called “chef”, the new “hot” thing in ruby server cooking. So new I didn’t yet have a chance to check it out 🙂

    But capistrano is good at what it does, it copies files to a server and runs some commands — which is what a deployment system supposed to do. Puppet has a whole different purpose, it’s more of a “keep it so my servers have consistent behavior and configuration” kind of thing. It’s related to deployment, but not deployment itself.

  4. simpsonjulian says:

    Evgeny, I think that you, Andrew and myself all agree on this. Puppet for making sure that the server has all the dependencies that the app needs. Capistrano for deploying the application when you tell it to.

    Having been through Cfengine 2 and the birth of Puppet, I’m taking a rest before I look at Chef.

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