Update on St Patricks Day

  • Apparently some people who do .NET would like to hear my opinion. I’m actually shocked. I’ll try and throw in the occasional compare and contrast with the .NET world.
  • The results from the survey are in. Thanks to those cast their votes. Most people don’t seem to mind job ads on the blog. What was surprising to read was that most respondents identified themselves as developers. i had guessed that build managers would take top billing. I’m looking out for a tasteful way to add job ads without blink tags.
  • Now that my talk (look near the bottom of the page_ at QCon is done, I hope to post more often again. There’s a few posts and an article for a magazine in the pipeline.
  • I’m trying to save up del.icio.us links for one post on a Sunday. Like the other day’s.
  • Other links now tend to get thrown out there on twitter.

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