Every Continuous Integration server that supports Ruby + Git

As I posted, I’m on a quest for the right continuous integration server for my day job. I had some helpful suggestions in the comments (thanks guys). I thought I’d maintain the whole list here (in no particular order):

If I’ve missed any other continuous integration tools, please let me know. Thanks.

Update: Added Bamboo. Thanks Ken.
Update(August ’09): Added Ci Joe.



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14 thoughts on “Every Continuous Integration server that supports Ruby + Git

  1. Eric says:

    A minor thing: note that Hudson’s website is now http://hudson-ci.org/.

  2. Tim Harding says:

    Hi Jules,

    Erin and I have been using cc.rb quite successfully for the host of small apps we’ve developed. Been fine for 3 committers primarily merging to a single branch. Good support from notifiers like CCMenu.

    Erin built a cap task to push new projects into the CI server with a one liner, so there’s low overhead in getting going.

  3. Ken Mayer says:

    Cerberus is pretty moribund. I abandoned it for cc.rb.

  4. Ken Olofsen says:

    Atlassian Bamboo supports Ruby and Git as well.

    Ruby is supported out of the box and there is a plugin for Git repositories.

  5. simpsonjulian says:

    Kens, thanks for the advice, both you. Cerberus at the bottom of my list now and Bamboo is on the list 🙂

  6. Aaron Evans says:

    Luntbuild also supports rake, though I’ve never tried it with a rakefile. Don’t know if it supports Git.

  7. […] I’m not a fan, but this is about time: We are happy to announce the release of CruiseControl.rb 1.4.0. This release adds support for three distributed version control systems – Git, Mercurial and Bazaar – in addition to Subversion.CC.rb remains easy to install, pleasant to use and simple to hack. Since the source has now moved to a git repository, it is easier than ever to fork and contribute. We’re looking forward to your pull requests! […]

  8. Jess Martin says:

    I work at Relevance, the company behind Run Code Run. We have Ruby 1.9 support working internally and are just working out a few bugs before we take it live. Here’s an example: http://runcoderun.com/spicycode/micronaut

    We’ll announce it on the Run Code Run blog when we release it to the public.

  9. […] This page is now referenced on my ruby-git Continuous Integration page. Did you like this? Please share it if you […]

  10. […] was Every Continuous Integration server that supports Ruby + Git. ‘Nuff […]

  11. Hi Julian,

    You might want to add our Parabuild to your list. Parabuild now provides Continuous Integration for Git.

  12. Moritz says:


    Supports any git srv + especially GitHub & Heroku.

  13. Church MN says:

    Thanks for your help with the Ruby + Git supports!

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