VIDEO: Big Visible Build Status at YouDevise

I had pizza with the guys at YouDevise on Tuesday. It’s always a pleasure; they are constantly inspecting and adapting what they do. The team had a talk about acceptance testing and CI, and I was privileged enough to join in.

They wrote their own build status visualizer and have been using it for quite some time, so I got a very quick video explanation. Thanks to Douglas Squirrel for pizza and presentation.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Big Visible Build Status at YouDevise

  1. Now I’m embarassed at how many errors I made! It’s orange for “being fixed”, not yellow; and the code is written in Python using TK so can run on Linux or Windows or anyplace else TK works.

  2. […] Cruise Missile monitor records these failures for us so we can track them, and it lets us mark them so we know not […]

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