Continuous Integration and Release wisdom

Can’t recommend these enough.

Item one: this book. Release It! by Michael Nygard. Michael has written a fantastic book of patterns and antipatterns of writing, deploying and running software. Developers and Administrators alike should read this book. There are some profound lessons in there.

Item two: The SE Radio Podcast with Michael. He goes into a lot of detail about the subjects in the book. There’s some Floyd Rose abuse in the theme tune, too.

Item three: The next podcast in that series is with Chris Read of Thoughtworks. Chris gets grilled about Continuous Integration and comes up with some pretty compelling arguments. Same cheesy guitar music. I saw Chris give a talk at ThoughtWorks London last week.

We caught up for some food afterwards; we talked about how Michael’s book captures so many of the lessons we learned at the coalface.

Bonus item: Paul Nasrat talking about Agile Systems Administration. This was filmed in London a few weeks ago. I was gutted that I couldn’t make it. Glad that SkillsMatter published it so soon.

2 thoughts on “Continuous Integration and Release wisdom

  1. Mr. Hericus says:

    Thanks for these pointers. I really enjoyed the podcasts, and didn’t even mind the cheesy music 🙂

  2. simpsonjulian says:

    Glad you liked them! I think the SE Radio guys needed a Creative Commons licensed soundtrack, so they probably chose well. 🙂

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