One scary deployment – Bamboo giveaway preview

We’ve had some entries in, and I thought I’d share the one that horrified me:

My last gig I was hired on to be the build guy. On my first day I sat
shotgun to their deployment process. The manual process was as
1. Logon to the ‘build box’
2. Get latest
3. Open visual studio and compile the application
4. FTP the resulting app to a staging area on our production webserver
5. Put the website offline
6. Run any new SQL files against the production database (Hopefully
you guessed the execution order correctly)
7. Copy the app into place
8. Put website back online
9. Hope nothing had broken.

Staggering. Do you think you can better it? Send us yours!


One thought on “One scary deployment – Bamboo giveaway preview

  1. Neil says:

    That was pretty much the norm for a welll known financial services company we both worked at! Well that was util you guys came and blitzed it. Don’t forget that these manual processes keep people in jobs and mustn’t be sniffed at merely because they are time consuming and cause even more time to be wasted if one of the manual steps go wrong. There are teams of established permies and lazy contractors who depend on complex manual processes for their livelyhoods!

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