FishEye and Crucible get social

It’s 23:30 at Build Doctor HQ, so this is a quick post: Atlassian announced a couple of new releases today. FishEye 2 and Crucible 2. Both come with social features, which is interesting. From the press releases:

Since code review is typically an iterative process — you code, someone else comments, you code again, more comments.. etc. — Crucible 2 allows you to easily incorporate code revisions into the review process. Simple navigation let’s you step through code changes and/or comments, tracking what has been read and reviewed, letting you easily compare any number of revisions along the way. Crucible’s goal is to make the code review process as easy as email; ideally, something you do for about 10-15 minutes everyday.

… and …

FishEye 2 has a completely new user interface that brings GUI efficiency to web based source code browsing. Every source artifact has a unique URL, everything is queryable, and there are cool charts and reports. FishEye 2 is now faster to navigate with improved usability to make it easier to understand your context. It also has better integration with Atlassian tools. For example, FishEye pulls in activity from related JIRA issues and Crucible code reviews and lets you organize projects across multiple repositories.

Atlassian have really been busting ass to release loads of new developer tools recently. They might do a demo for me, which I’ll post.

Right now the developer tool that we need at the day job is an espresso equipped Piaggio Ape. I’d like to see one on our fourth floor office.

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