New Continuous Integration system

I got a mail a few weeks ago from Mr Hericus, inviting me to find out more about Zed Builds and Bugs Manager.

In his words:

We’re relatively new to the market (about 1 year out at this point), and our focus is total team integration. It’s not enough to simply integrate your software on a continuous basis. You have to work in your bugs, and your team communication as well. That is the focus of Zed Builds and Bugs Manager. We provide Continuous Integration, Bug and Task tracking, Discussion Forums, and Wiki collaboration all in the same web-based GUI and sharing the same back-end database. This means that each of these systems works with the same data and can leverage that to provide a truly integrated environment.

Sounds interesting. They are going for the integrated tools market. Launching yet another Continuous Integration server isn’t going to earn anybody brownie points. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up in the market. They’ll be competing against some major players, but they might be able to convert some of the teams that still don’t do CI (yes, they still exist in droves).


Zed Builds and Bugs works with any size team, and scales from small projects to multiple large projects easily. It is also available to small teams for no charge, so that even if you are a team of one and just starting out or working on a private project that will someday be a world-wide best seller you can still have access to a great tool to help you organize your development and gain efficiencies in your process.

I already owe another firm a review, but I’ll be having a proper look and reporting back when I can. Until then, welcome to the market, team Zed!

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  1. I won’t think they exist until I see them at CITCON. 🙂

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