Cruise != CruiseControl

Newsflash: there are three versions of CruiseControl.

If someone initiates a discussion about CruiseControl, it’s always smart to clarify exactly which version they mean.

To make things worse, all of the above can be referred to as ‘Cruise’. Cruise is ThoughtWorks Studios‘ CI server, and it’s nothing to do with any of the versions of CruiseControl. I had a snoop around when they released version 1. There was one component (the AntBuilder) that they legally used from the open source CruiseControl (the Java one). That’s now gone. It’s a totally different tool.

There had been plans to take the open source project private (it’s been discussed for years), but those were shelved in favour of a new tool with different goals. Say what you like about it Cruise; just don’t go thinking that it’s any of the open source projects with a new license and some bling.

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6 thoughts on “Cruise != CruiseControl

  1. Banos says:

    It was a bad idea ThoughtWorks calling the new product Cruise given the confusion. I cant believe they did that 🙂 The fact you felt the need to post about it is enough. It really should have been born of a new name. We dont just refer to CruiseControl as Cruise, but an entire CI environment is referred to as Cruise! Sheesh!

  2. simpsonjulian says:

    Hi Banos,

    I decided to post about it because the TW Studios guys told me that they were always having to clarify the name 🙂

  3. Guanglei Li says:

    I had proposed another name, which is “Bingle”.
    1. “B” for “Build management”
    2. It sounds like “Bingo”
    3. It looks like “Mingle”(“M” could be for “Management”), brother of the Studios family

  4. Jez says:

    Li Guanglei gave us our tagline: “release, relax”.

  5. simpsonjulian says:

    The tagline is a goon ‘un. It hints at the real USP of the product.

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