Hosted Continuous Integration: Run Code Run

Hosted Continuous Integration is here. Run Code Run have announced support for private projects. What does this mean?

They already build open source projects from GitHub for free – for an example see my own Build Rosetta Stone. Now, you can build a closed source project – which isn’t visible to the world via GitHub.

There’s a strong Ruby flavour to Run Code Run. They appear to support a lot of RubyGems natively so that you don’t have to. Being so Ruby-centric can’t hurt as the Ruby community seem to have a strong preference for Continuous Integration.

They might want to do something about all the broken builds on the open source projects however. About a third of the projects are broken and many of those have ben broken for months. Perhaps I’m obsessive [okay, I am obsessive] , but those broken builds imply that people are wanting Continuous Integration in name but not deed.

Anyhow, those aren’t the paying customers. I’d give my eyeteeth to see some stats on build success and failure once they have a few hundred projects to mine. Well done, guys.

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4 thoughts on “Hosted Continuous Integration: Run Code Run

  1. MikeCI says:

    MikeCI is a hosted CI service, using Amazon EC2. Plus they're keen on OS projects!

  2. Sérgio Correia says:

    Peak Platform is an hosted CI platform that offers source control management, code quality and artifact sharing.

  3. We just launched, which has built in Python/Django support, but you can also write your own build scripts for any language you like.

    Its all free for public projects, and any feedback would be fantastic 🙂

  4. Hey,

    We too just launched, a Software Development Ecosystem based on the integration of stable and consolidated solutions approved by developers, communities and businesses. Built from a conceptual integration model based on this type of solutions.


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