Continuous Integration: GitHub announce CI Joe

Thought the world had enough Continuous Integration servers? Guess again. The guys at GitHub just released their open source effort, called CI Joe.

It follows the Unix model and will run any command that you give it. As you’d expect, it integrates well with GitHub, using Git hooks to trigger builds. They use Campfire obsessively at GitHub, so CI Joe uses Campfire for notification.

I’m thinking that this one might have legs, as long as the GitHub guys are eating their own dogfood. A Continuous Integration service that fits hand and glove with GitHub will be good value.

GitHub continues to impress us here at Build Doctor HQ. I’m even hosting my private Puppet manifests on the $7 a month plan. I hope they spend it wisely.

Github Logo image via qrush

Update: This page is now referenced on my ruby-git Continuous Integration page.

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