6 Big Visible Continuous Integration Tools

I love Information Radiators. You can have all the Twitter plugins you like, but unless you have the updates on the wall, you’re missing something. Here’s a few examples:

  • Green Screen: Martin Andrews just released this. It’s a Sinatra app, and looks like it works for Hudson – perhaps with some tweaking it’ll work elsewhere.[Ruby]
  • CruiseControl Monitor: Sudhindra Rao wrote this for any CruiseControl. I covered it here. [Ruby]
  • Big Visible Cruise: This works for CruiseControl.NET, and runs on Windows. I haven’t had the pleasure.[.NET]
  • Hudson has a plugin to do it, of course.[Java]
  • Radiators: Marco Jansen wrote this in 2005. It’s the earliest example that I’ve seen. I daresay it needs some love by now.[Java]
  • Update: Sam Newman has been flexing his Scala muscles and wrote Big Visible Wall recently. Don’t tell him this, but his code’s generally worth checking out.
  • Update: Atlassian also have wallboards. I’m in the middle of re-skinning XFD. David Ron made Big Visible Cruise Web.
  • Update: Stuart Grimshaw wrote cc-radiator for CruiseControl.
  • Update: Steve Fenton wrote Cruiser for CruiseControl.net

I find that I always want to provide other project metrics as well. There’ll be a point at which I’ll start hacking to add more information. This is how I ended up with the radiator at Guardian Unlimited.

Know of others? What works with your CI server? Comment here and I’ll update this post.

Image thanks to ninnet.

12 thoughts on “6 Big Visible Continuous Integration Tools

  1. Sidu says:

    Back in the day (~2004), JD (http://robotics.usc.edu/~jnaneshd/pmwiki.php) used to put together a custom build tower using ruby scripts, aluminium struts and LEDs. One level of the tower would light up for every stage of the build that passed.

    I don’t think we have an pictures though, more’s the pity.

  2. Cool to see all these tools out there.

    Back at Agitar we tried a bunch of different approaches; lava lamps remain my favorite. (The ambient orb looked cool but was kind of a dud in practice.)

    Anyone looking to find more can try searching on “extreme feedback device”.

  3. Blatantly shameless plug: I have built a couple of radiators using Quartz Composer (Mac-only, unfortunately) and created a template so you can build your own:


    It’s by no means “complete”, but I would definitely welcome some help, seeing I don’t have much time to mess with it, or that much experience with Quartz Composer.

  4. paulgreg says:

    I’ve built another system composed of 2 parts :
    – the “green/red screen” : http://build-status.appspot.com/
    – and a “trigger”, currently only for TeamCity (but you can easily develop your own trigger according your build system)

    For now, a big limitation about the “screen” is that it’s only display 1 project at a time (I’ve planned to fix that limitation in the future).

  5. James Summerton says:

    Another plug 🙂

    Check out Cradiator (http://cradiator.codeplex.com/) a fork of BigVisibleCruise with a load of enhancements.

    It has full support for CruiseControl (Java, .NET, Ruby) and now TeamCity as well.

    Some of the key new features:

    * Shows breakers of a build (if broken) or the volunteer to fix the build (for CCNet requires 1.4.3 or greater)
    * New skin (StackPhoto)
    * Filter by Category (in addition to Project Name)
    * Show progress/status when making connection to Cruise server (configurable)
    * Color gradients for visual appeal
    * Wav files can be played on specific events (currently ‘NewlyBrokenBuild’ and ‘NewlyFixedBuild’)
    * Speech synthesis – Cradiator says which build is broken (handy for those with sore necks who can’t check the big screen) – uses SAPI support on Windows. The text to say and the voice itself is configurable – so you can Download your own voices
    * Show a Countdown of how many seconds to go before refreshing status
    * Added a Debug-mode facility to allow developers to replace the Cruise Web Service XML with their own XML – handy for UI testing/experimentation and screenshot/demos
    * Configuration changes:

    1. An app restart is not required for settings to take effect
    2. Config file can even be edited while the app is running (ie is ‘watched’ for changes and applied immediately or at the next refresh interval)

    * Settings dialog (for people with text-editor phobias)
    * Logging (using log4net) – can be configured via app.config

  6. David Ron says:

    Also, check out Big Visible Cruise Web, a clone of Big Visible Cruise that runs in the web browser:http://code.google.com/p/big-visible-cuise-web/

  7. Rene Medellin says:

    Brand new-ish Wallboards for JIRA (fetching information from your Bamboo build agents but should be able to work with other CI servers as well)http://blogs.atlassian.com/developer/2010/06/wa

    • Julian Simpson says:

      Thanks Rene, I’ve updated the list – and discovered that there’s quite a few to look at …

  8. Stuart Grimshaw says:

    There’s also cc-radiator that gives a web based radiator view of Cruise Control.

    It’s nothing more than an xslt transform of the RSS feed from Cruise Control, but it works quite well.


  9. Jim Liddell says:

    Check out Team Build Screen (http://teambuildscreen.codeplex.com)

    Features (as of 1.3.0)
    * Supports TFS 2010 and TFS 2008
    * Communicates the status of the build in real-time
    * Implemented as a desktop application and a screen saver
    * Supports multiple build definitions
    * Supports multiple team projects
    * Information displayed includes:
    * Team project name
    * Build definition name
    * Build status
    * Requested by
    * Started on
    * Completed on
    * Test results
    * Build queued icon
    * Older builds appear faded

    Features (planned for 1.4.0)
    * Hudson support
    * Web interface

  10. Steve Fenton says:

    If you are using CruiseControl.Net you can stick a single html page in the CruiseControl webdashboard folder in order to get a big wallboard view.

    It’s called Cruiser – CruiseControl.Net CI Visualiser.

  11. Diego Giacomelli says:

    There’s also Buildron: a 3D continuous integration radiator for Mac and Win.

    In addition, you can filter and start/stop builds on Buildron with Buildron RC for iOS and Android.

    In current version supports only TeamCity, but there are plans to support others CI server, like Jenkins CruiseControl.

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