Story: I call it “The Wheel”

This anonymous user gets top points for offending the most people in this Atlassian Giveaway entry.

I was tasked to evaluate continuous integration systems for my workplace so I tried CruiseControl, Hudson and Bamboo. CruiseControl was a pain in the ass to configure, and I couldn’t get it to work – so stuff that. Hudson was really cool, and good looking, but it failed the Maven sample projects I was using – so stuff that.

Bamboo trial worked flawlessly, and was really the only one I could recommend.
However, our “architect” had CruiseControl on his brain (and used it at home on his .Net projects) and insisted that was good enough, but not good enough for him to lend a hand in configuring it!

He then got another developer to have a look at CruiseControl, who also failed to set it up. Said developer then, without telling anyone else, goes and writes his own continuous integration system with a PHP web interface, making system calls to Ant and Maven, using shell scripts to fetch from Subversion. We used that for months, but eventually sanity prevailed and we got Hudson, because it was free and had matured enough.

(Image thanks to Fimb)

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