Lots of Run Code Run news

I got a mail from Rob at RunCodeRun last week. Lots going on.

Last night we pushed out our latest commercial plan that a lot of folks had been asking for – a $19 a month ‘basic’ plan with support for 3 private projects. Previously our lowest cost plan was $75 a month, so we feel like RCR is within reach for much smaller teams now.

Seems that CI tools (and services) launch with a high price ticket but there seems to be most demand for reasonably priced products.

Last week we added support for Postgresql, and the week before we added Campfire notifications.

Another sound couple of features.

Next week will be a huge announcement for us — we will be adding support for building against Ruby 1.8, 1.9, and JRuby for the same project. We’ve already seen this as a huge win for open source or projects that are transitioning to 1.9 for the speed increase.

You heard it here first. Testing against 1.9 is a smart thing to do, but I love the JRuby feature. Getting over the ‘It’s not Java’ hurdle in some organisations could be important. Though this could pave the way for WebSphere Application Server, DHH Edition.

Oh yeah, we now have java and ant builds also working across RCR. Its not quite a first class citizen, but its very close

And he saves the best for last. Will they be selling these like hotcakes? I think they’ll sell a lot; but a lot of organisations will need to raise their game to take advantage. Some might even have a crack at it.

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