AntHill Pro 3.7 released

Urbancode just released AntHillPro 3.7. What’s new?

  • They just added a boatload of static analysis tools, including my favourites, Checkstyle and FindBugs. There’s also some serious security analysis tools in there. This stuff does catch errors.
  • You can now write plug-ins via a handy API. They’re also going to eat their own dogfood. Mmm, tasty dogfood. They’ll be implementing new features using their own API.
  • Git support, UI bling, security and command line features.

I shot the breeze with Urbancode’s Jeffrey Frederick at CITCON Paris: he’s really keen to help people write plugins for AntHillPro. It makes good sense. Psychologically it seems to be easier to write a plugin for an open source project, instead of a feature. Maybe because it’s your creation and not something you gave to the project? Bah, we’re egotistical sometimes.


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