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Top Posts for 2009

Top Posts for 2009

2009 is almost done. Here’s the top 10 posts of the year.

Wait. I don’t have a prize. Oh well. Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas, every one

Merry Christmas, every oneSeasons Greetings to you RSS readers.
Happy Holidays to you Twitter followers.
Merry Christmas to the email subscribers.
Happy Festivus to those who read the website.
Seasons beatings to you content scrapers.

2009’s had it’s ups and downs. The ups include: speaking gigs, going to CITCON and DevopsDays, and the conversations I’ve had with people via Twitter and this blog. Hopefully over the festive season I’ll get some of 2009’s best posts written up, and the strategy for next year.

In the meantime, how about a Christmas present? If you have a blog, or website, and you write about building or deploying software, infrastructure 2.0/devops, or the sharp end of I.T, I want to link to you! Tweet me your link details and I’ll add them to the magic links on the sidebar of this blog.

Have a safe and happy festive season.

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Devopsdays 2009

Every day, in every country in the developed world, I.T. fails us. People fume over failed bank transactions, travel bookings, and supermarket transactions. Most of the I.T industry seem be focussed on apportioning blame instead of resolving the problems.

I blame Sun.

I think that the split between Unix Systems Administrators and Developers Who Write Stuff That Runs on Unix began in the second half of the 1990s when two things happened:

  • Java emerged as a viable cross-platform language.
  • Windows got a little better as a development environment.

Before you knew it, developers were learning to write Java code on PC’s that ran Windows. Then they went and got jobs. It probably seemed easier to let the developers stick with using Windows to write code on, because you could Write Once and Run Anywhere.

They had no clue how to deploy the code that they’d written.
So they got other people in to help them, who didn’t write code but knew their way around systems.

All this happened to a backdrop of the .COM boom: when we had no decent middleware available for free, and needed systems administrators to deploy prototypical web applications and their prototypical web frameworks onto all those Sun servers.

What are we left with? Millions of people who strongly identify as developers and only write software in an IDE. They are given no incentive to take responsibility for deploying, testing, or (in some cases) even maintaining the code that they write. There’s another large number of people who do the things that the first group of people don’t. Some people in the first group aren’t aware that there’s a problem. Most of the people in the second are. It’s not any one groups’ fault: we just need to recognize where we are and move on.

Devopsdays: you’re not alone

Note: I have a backlog of posts from both DevOpsDays and ScaleCamp. This is just one of them.


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Site outage tomorrow, 9am GMT

Update: this is all done.
In any case, you North Americans should be sleeping, or partying: That’s 5 hours before US East Coast, 8 hours before the West Coast.

If you’re in Europe or the UK, that’s another story. Sorry. The VPS server is being moved.

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RT @allspaw: Deployment is just a part of dev/ops cooperation, not the whole thing: (via @patrickdebois)

Video: Adam of Mike CI

Last Friday I had a quick pint with Adam and Chris from Mike CI (The Cheshire Cheese in Little Essex St do a decent pint of Bombardier). I lured Adam out into the cold for a chat about what they’ve been doing. Thanks Adam!

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Free software is cool, but banning mention of other software makes RMS look increasingly like a crank (via @bitfield)