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Ant will eat itself

I was sorely tempted to save this for April Fool’s Day.

<project default="default">
  <target name="default">
    <delete file="${ant.file}"/>

Update: Yes it does work:

Socks:tmp jsimpson$ mkdir demo
Socks:tmp jsimpson$ cd demo/
Socks:demo jsimpson$ vim build.xml
Socks:demo jsimpson$ ls -l build.xml
-rw-r--r--  1 jsimpson  wheel  119  1 Feb 21:13 build.xml
Socks:demo jsimpson$ ant
Buildfile: build.xml

   [delete] Deleting: /private/tmp/demo/build.xml

Total time: 0 seconds
Socks:demo jsimpson$ ls -l build.xml
ls: build.xml: No such file or directory
Socks:demo jsimpson$ 

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Continuous Integration Quick Reference

Continuous Integration Quick ReferenceContinuous Integration is frequently written about.  That’s all good.  It’s a shame that most of the content that you see tends to devolve to tool-specific discussions. Paul Duvall just took the road less travelled, and teamed up with DZone to release a refcard on Continuous Integration patterns.

So now there’s two PDF’s that you must download right now: The UrbanCode Enterprise Continuous Integration chart, and this:

Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-patterns | Refcardz.

(Photo thanks to Jan Krutisch)

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18 Continuous Integration Questions

Top .NET dog Roy Osherove just blogged some good questions about choosing a build automation or CI tool. This comes hot on the heels of his post about the difference between continuous build and continuous integration.

Here’s a few more questions:

  • If someone breaks the config, can I roll it back?
  • If not, can I secure it so that people can manage their own projects?
  • Can I use the tool to help release code as well as build/test/integrate?
  • Is there an ecosystem around the tool? (plugins, etc)
  • Can I trace artifacts of a build back to the original commit?
  • Is it platform agnostic (I won’t go back to the days of 3 ports of CruiseControl, thanks very much)

What would your questions be?

18 Questions to ask yourself when choosing continuous integration and build automation tools – ISerializable – Roy Osheroves Blog.

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