Bamboo 2.5 released with improved Maven support

The Atlassian guys just released Bamboo 2.5.  Highlights are:

  • Maven Dependency Management
  • Plan Import from a pom.xml
  • Additional Bulk Actions
  • Streamlined Plan Creation
  • Express Setup Wizard
  • Plus over 70 fixes and improvements

Being able to manage dependencies in your CI tool is key if you’ve drunk the dependency manager Kool-Aid.  That way you get to flush out integration issues.

Bamboo 2.5 Release Notes – Bamboo 2.5 – Atlassian Documentation – Confluence.

(image from delphaber)

One thought on “Bamboo 2.5 released with improved Maven support

  1. John Arundel says:

    Does it support Git properly yet? Because when we tried it, there was only an unsupported plugin for Git which in fact didn’t work for us – it just failed to check out the repository. Everything else about Bamboo was great, but we couldn’t use it!

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