Giternal Debian package

Giternal Debian packageGiternal is a handy tool for managing git submodules. Give it a YAML file of git repositories, and it’ll ensure that the repos are all checked out. I’d use it to bootstrap all of the Puppet modules that I need, except for one fact:

It’s a rubygem. Happy to use them, but I don’t want dependencies on Rubygems at the bottom of my toolchain. I also have a boostrapping problem because Rubygems get installed from a Puppet module, which I fetch using Giternal.

What to do? Make a Debian package! So I did. You can download it here. It depends on ruby. I can make a Debian repository if anybody likes that idea.

Here’s a tiny example of the yaml file.

  path: modules
  path: modules

Here’s the giternal Debian package install.

jsimpson@fox:~/Documents/workspace/giternal$ sudo dpkg -i giternal.deb
(Reading database ... 145351 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace giternal 0.1.0-debian1 (using giternal.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement giternal ...
Setting up giternal (0.1.0-debian1) ...

Here’s giternal doing its thing.

Socks:puppet jsimpson$ giternal update
Updating common
Updating wordpress
Updating sudo

Image via (Git book author) tswicegood

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