New CI tool: Crazy Ivan

Continuous integration should really just be a script that captures the output of running your project update & test commands and presents recent results in a static html page”

This quote showed up on one my Twitter searches a couple of times.  I thought it was an enthusiastic tweet, but it turns out to be one of the smallest Continuous Integration servers in the world.  I had a peek at the code on GitHub – looks like this is a good way to kickstart CI in a Ruby shop.

I’m all for people using small, functional tools (hey, it’s the Unix way), but I think it’s good to have a plan B in mind.  For example, do you want a release process driven by your Continuous Integration server?

Sorry Windows peeps: this tool is unlikely to work for you.  It’s based around bash scripts, and process management looks like it wouldn’t take kindly to non-*nix operating systems.


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