Distributed Agile Webinar Feb 16

Mail from Steve Berczuk:

I’ll be participating in a Webinar hosted by WanDisco on Feb 16:

Free Webinar: Make Subversion Agile in a Distributed Development Environment


I’ll be speaking for the first half about agile and SCM, and a bit
about the challenges of distributed development, and someone from
WanDiso will be speaking the second half about tooling to make
subversion work well for agile teams in a distributed environment,
followed by a question and answer period.

Internally I’m suppressing comments about making Subversion agile with a ball peen hammer. I’d still choose SVN over CVS, SCCS, RCS and a bunch of Enterprise tools.

One thought on “Distributed Agile Webinar Feb 16

  1. Kate says:

    Have been doing some research on Distributed Agile for quite a long now. Would like to make out the co-location issues in Agile.One very informative resource I look forward to is: http://www.impetus.com/featured_webinar?eventid=15

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