Conferences in 2010

I’m attending some conferences this year. Here’s the detail so far.

  • In March, I’m speaking at QCon London 2010 (in the Devops track).
  • Patrick Debois and I are speaking at the UKUUG conference in Manchester later that month.
  • In May, I’m facilititating a session at the SPA Conference in London.
  • September brings CITCON Europe 2010 in Prague.
  • I’ll also go to DevOpsDays Europe – no detail yet.

I’ve made no submissions to XP 2010 or Agile 2010, and hence won’t be going. There’s still a few other possibilities, but I’m keeping schtum about them. I’m looking forward to the adrenalin rush of speaking at the bigger conferences; looking forward to enlightened conversation at the smaller conferences.

I hope to see you there.

Spa 2010 Logo Conferences:

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