DevOps is a good cause, but what about OpsOps?

A few recent blog posts have attempted to explain the Devops bloody revolution movement. I’m overdue to post one of my own. Lest we get carried away, let’s not just focus on the Developer Systems Administrator axis. As Graham expounded on Friday night (and I paraphrase, for the Build Doctor had prescribed himself ale):

We need Ops-Ops! There’s so many teams where the admins hate the DBA’s, and the Networks teams hate the admins. And the DBAs aren’t fond of anyone. There’s enough trouble getting those guys to work together.

He’s got a point. Those damn siloes are everywhere.


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  1. EJ says:

    About the quote – I think in the world of software development there are still too many ivory towers (people who think their little corner of the world is more important or grants special rights). I’ve worked with a few prizes in the past who just want to talk loudly….

    What the people in these towers don’t realize is the goal of a company is to succeed. And if you’re obstinate, you’re effecting the bottom line via lack of production. Ops/dev/releng/qa all should march in unison, not develop into little cliques and quietly hate each other.

  2. DevOPS, SecOPS, DBAOps, NetOps…

    This post is long overdue, as the idea struck me when dicussing with Lefred while preparing his Fosdem talk on Maintaining too big tables

    I got triggered finishing this post by Mr BuidlDoctor

    Fred has been struggling with a typical DevOps problem…

  3. Preach it brother.

    Frankly as a Web ops person I’ve had a lot more luck getting developers to want to collaborate than our other Infrastructure teams. Heck, recently I got the Infrastructure director to agree that we need an email list with all the various teams on it that people need to send change notices to so that everyone knows what’s going on in the environment – and most of the teams refuse to do it. “Why should I need to tell anyone what I’m doing? Why do you need to know? And I might hear about changes I don’t care about! Never!”

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  5. […] DevOps is a good cause, but what about OpsOps? by the Build Doctor […]

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