UKUUG Spring Conference 2010

As I write this post I’m sat on the train back from the UKUUG Spring Conference Manchester, getting a fascinating insight into the world of asset finance sales from the passenger sitting opposite me.

Highlights of the conference were:

  • Spending time with some of the DevOps crew – R.I. Pienaar, Kris Buytaert, and Patrick Debois.
  • Co-presenting ‘Hudson hit my Puppet with a Cucumber’ with Patrick. (above) It was hard to rehearse (what with living in difference countries and all) but I enjoyed it once the adrenalin kicked in and the nerves relaxed. Dialogue is interesting. With an audience, and with a co-presenter. I’d like to explore more ways to interact with an audience than to drone at them.
  • Manchester.
  • Kris giving me an ‘Everything is a FSCKing DNS problem’ Tshirt – thanks Kris!
  • Hearing about the process of creating an Ubuntu LTS releases from Thierry Carrez of Canonical. We discussed the pain of building Java and Ruby software for a distrinution afterwards. I hope people realise how much work distro maintainers go to! I met a one-time commitrer for the JPackage project – they confirmed what a PITA it was back then before Sun allowed people to distribute Java.
  • Kris Buytaert and Andrew Stribblehill‘s MySQL scaling talks.
  • The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud presentation was interesting. Not sure I’d want to use it in production, but for in-house test environment use it might be great.

UKUUG attracts some seriously talented people. It’s a small conference (north of 100 people), but that’s the way I like them.

3 thoughts on “UKUUG Spring Conference 2010

  1. anderew says:

    Excellent presentation! This describes perfectly the situation at my current client site and some of the seemingly intractable problems we face working with our support and operations teams. Very clever pictures. I particularly liked the customer asks for build / lady throws dog a stick then becomes K9 analogy.

  2. builddoctor says:

    Glad you liked it! @patrickdebois is a master at collating images for presentations.

  3. UKUUG Spring Conference 2010…

    Last week I was in Manchester for the 2010 UKUUG Spring Conference, right .. make that 2 weeks ago , 🙂

    The UKUUG usually hosts the more interesting conferences around … , it’s not just the schedule that attrackts me , yes there’s the strong focu…

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