Welcome to our new Sponsor – AntHillPro

Welcome to our new Sponsor - AntHillProAnd there’s a sponsor. AntHillPro. Sponsorship gets you an ad on the web site and a message on the RSS feed. It’s not too different to things I’ve had before but there’s a crucial difference: 99% of the ads that I got via ad networks were crap.

So now we have the same thing but with the branding of one sponsor, rather than a rash of ads. I’ve agreed a three-month trial with UrbanCode (who publish AntHillPro).

What will I do with the money?
I’m going to pay for:

  • all the hosting and service costs
  • sending T-shirts for supporters and guest authors,
  • buying drinks for people I interview,
  • getting help to keep the blog maintained and functioning

Why this sponsor?

  • They have a compelling DevOps offering
  • they’ve been selling a tool with good lifecycle features for years
  • and they’re a bunch of great guys who really get Continuous Integration

Will you pimp their product at every chance you get? Nope. I’ll still wear my Clover t-shirt, use Hudson, and write about competing products. I might write more about their product but that’s because I have pretty good communications. If more vendors kept in touch, I’d write about their products, too.*

* unless you want me to do a huge review. I don’t often have the time to do those. Sorry.

(image from Jessica)

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