Zabbix, narrated by Jon Topper

The London DevOps crew recently met up at The Guardian’s fabulous King’s Cross building to eat, drink and talk devops. The first talk of the evening was Jon Topper, sharing his experience with the Zabbix monitoring platform. I plan to investigate as I’d rather eat catfood than configure Nagios again.

I’ll post the next talk on ‘Git for sysadmins’ in the next couple of days. This seemed to be the biggest formal meeting yet. Quite pleased about that.

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2 thoughts on “Zabbix, narrated by Jon Topper

  1. richlv says:

    According to, iowait should be supported since 1.6.3…

  2. […] number two of the DevOps meeting is Stephen Nelson-Smith of Atalanta Systems bravely doing his talk – sans slides due to […]

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