Git for Sysadmins – Stephen Nelson-Smith

Video number two of the DevOps meeting is Stephen Nelson-Smith of Atalanta Systems bravely doing his talk – sans slides due to laptop failure(this is why I keep my talks on GitHub). It seems that the technology problems didn’t end there, because I didn’t start filming immediately due to a PEBCAK issue.

Once we get all sysadmins using version control, I’d be minded to steer them to Git. Subversion would be a good start for those who still don’t use any VCS – especially with the cool hosting options available.

4 thoughts on “Git for Sysadmins – Stephen Nelson-Smith

  1. rasputnik says:

    Looks good – since there's no video, would be ideal if you could put up an audio-only version (for the 'podcast commuters' among us)

  2. What do you mean, no video? making a podcast is on my list.

  3. rasputnik says:

    I meant no slides (sorry, pre-coffee commenting is always a bad idea).

  4. @rasputnik – ah. I have that problem in the morning, too. I plan to make a video podcast, if I ever find the time.

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