Silos are for Farmers: now online

Silos are for Farmers, my QCon London talk is online.

The conference season this year managed to dovetail nicely with the birth of The Build Doctor Limited. This was nice in that I was doing a conference talk at the same time that I started my own company; evil in that I didn’t rehearse as much as I might have. It turned out okay despite my nerves at the start. It was a gamble asking the audience to participate, but that seemed to pay off: there was a kind of dialogue, which I find more engaging.

Thanks to everyone for speaking up – especially my heckler (you didn’t come to the pub!), Kirk and Sam. Thanks to Chris for organising a great new conference track.

Silos are for Farmers

2 thoughts on “Silos are for Farmers: now online

  1. I just found this and watched the whole thing. Great presentation! I like how interactive the format was because seeing people’s reactions and questions and comments to the DevOps concept and/or ways to present it is instructive.

    • Julian Simpson says:

      Thanks Ernest! I’m increasingly interested in the interactive format for presentations. I might do my next one with full openspace rules 🙂

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