Team Build Doctor

It’s funny; you can almost correlate my going freelance announcement with the fall in posts on this blog. I can’t complain though; I’m fully booked, on work that I’m good at, with clients who are doing things that seem to matter.

To stop the blog atrophying totally, I’m getting some help. The (soon-to-be) Mrs Build Doctor is helping run the admin side of the business, making sure we’re legally compliant and getting the bills paid. Her help is invaluable.

We’re also very lucky to have Kushal Pisavadia join us for the summer. Kushal is starting a degree in UX and Maths this September. He’ll be helping out with a few of my many unfinished side projects, as well as assisting with my onsite work. Kushal has already made a significant contribution to a project (more on that soon), for which I am very grateful.

EJ Ciramella has also been invaluable with his series of Maven posts, writing relevant and thoughtful posts at precisely the time that I wasn’t able to. Thank you, EJ! I just hope I manage to share some thoughts from the day job, now that the day job is almost entirely relevant to the blog.

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