Atlassian Bamboo Challenge

Atlassian kicked off the Bamboo Task Master Challenge today. I am honoured to be on the judging panel.

What’s it all about? A Continuous Integration server becomes the heart of your development infrastructure. CI servers need to know how to talk to the rest of your systems.

So Atlassian are encouraging you to add to the Bamboo ecosystem by offering the winner of the competition:

  • A ticket to next year’s Atlassian Summit
  • $500 of nerd toys
  • A USB Bamboo keyboard and mouse
  • A USB rocket launcher, that integrates with Bamboo

The first 10 entries get an Atlassian T-shirt and the Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse.

I think it’s a clever move. Plugins made Hudson/Jenkins more attractive to it’s users, and gave everyone the incentive to encourage more plugin authors (see Crossing the Chasm for more on this)

Here’s an idea to kick things off: I’d like to see someone use face-detection and face-recognition libraries to detect the face of the person who broke the build.

An targeting system for a Nerf Vulcan wouldn’t go amiss, either.


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