Monthly Archives: February 2012

Vendor news, 27 February

  • Pulse 2.5alpha is available to palpitate, with lots of incremental features [link]
  • TeamCity 7 is out, with improved Build Chaining (pipelines) and lots more [link]
  • I missed the Nexus 2 webinar, but I plan to watch the catch-up [link]
  • UrbanCode [warning, sponsor danger] are doing a webinar on Next Generation Continuous Delivery [link]
  • ThoughtWorks are attempting to link Continuous Delivery and MVP in a webinar [link]
  • CloudStack are hosting a virtual ‘Build a Cloud’ day, with speakers from CloudStack, Citrix,, Red Hat, Gluster, PuppetLabs, Opscode, Zenoss and enStratus. [link]
  • ‘The little book of CoffeeScript’ is on special. I’m buying me one of those. [link]

Vendor news, February 20

  • Accurev are doing a webinar: ‘Top 5 Processes Challenges with SCM’ [link]
  • Coverity have adopted a rock and roll theme for their new development testing product, and they are doing a breakfast briefing in swinging London [link]
  • Electric Cloud are handing out free licenses for ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition, for a year. [link]
  • Nexus 2 has a boatload of improvements. The License validation stuff in Pro looks useful too. [link]
  • There’s a Jenkins Conference in Paris, on April 17. Sweet. [link]

XFD 0.2.18 Release

We’re happy to announce the release of XFD 0.2.18! As well as improving our own tests and code quality, we added some of your requested features. These include:

Gravatar support

Broken builds now show the gravatar of user that broke the build. This is found by matching the user’s email against the gravatar online image service. Your version control system will need to supply the email address.


You can now filter through the list of builds to only show those thatyou require. This is just currently just a plain text matcher, but we’ll work on regex support if there’s enough interest for it.


One of the most requested features. Many of our users are using HTTPS to keep their transmissions of passwords secure and nowthey can gain all of the benefits of XFD without requiring aninfrastructure change!

As always, the new release can be found here:

Who’s been fetching from my repo?

It’s interesting knowing who is using your Artifact Repository: where, and who are they? ‘whois’ and your favourite DNS client are handy tools to have.

It’s why I always put an HTTP server in front of these tools, both for flexibility, and the standard access log format.


Give Travis your love

Travis looks like a fascinating CI system. It’s fully buzzword compliant (RabbitMQ, Chef, Vagrant, VeeWee), and provides a free CI service for open source projects.

The founders will offer private CI services in the future.

As running Continuous Integration is really expensive, they’ve made a call for donations. You can make a donation below, and you damn well should if your code (or code that you use) is built at Travis. Even if it doesn’t get compiled.


BCS Configuration Management 2012 Conference – Call for Papers

I recently joined the British Computer Society I also joined the BCS Configuration Management Group, and I’m now on the committee.

To me it’s important to understand the place of CM on your project, especially as the landscape is changing so rapidly.

That’s why I’m telling you about the call for papers for the conference in London, on May 29. I’d love to see some submissions from people who are addressing CM as part of DevOps (and not just system configuration management).


Vendor news, February 2

I haven’t worked this hard in years. Sorry for the delay in posting anything.

  • Accurev just attempted to make a corporate version of git. I think most of the enhancements that they’ve added will horrify the typical git user, but that’s not to say that development managers won’t buy it by the bucketload to stop their devs moaning about Subversion. [link]
  • ThoughtWorks released a new version of Mingle that makes a Kanban board. [link]
  • UrbanCode [warning, they sponsor this blog] added a thoughtful feature to their tools: disabling Nagios checks while you deploy [link]
  • DevOpsDays Austin is selling out fast. April 2 and 3. [link]
  • Sonatype are announcing Nexus 2 features later this month. I’ll report back.

Update: Wolfplusplus pointed out that Fog Creek’s Kiln seems to be the same trick as Kando, but for Mercurial. I think the Accurev version plays more to the suits, though.