Vendor news, 27 February

  • Pulse 2.5alpha is available to palpitate, with lots of incremental features [link]
  • TeamCity 7 is out, with improved Build Chaining (pipelines) and lots more [link]
  • I missed the Nexus 2 webinar, but I plan to watch the catch-up [link]
  • UrbanCode [warning, sponsor danger] are doing a webinar on Next Generation Continuous Delivery [link]
  • ThoughtWorks are attempting to link Continuous Delivery and MVP in a webinar [link]
  • CloudStack are hosting a virtual ‘Build a Cloud’ day, with speakers from CloudStack, Citrix,, Red Hat, Gluster, PuppetLabs, Opscode, Zenoss and enStratus. [link]
  • ‘The little book of CoffeeScript’ is on special. I’m buying me one of those. [link]

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