Monthly Archives: June 2012

News, June 5

Things have been busy at Build Doctor HQ. Here’s what piled up in the inbox:

  • Electric Cloud sent a press release to let us know that they installed Electric Commander at CERN. Big customer.
  • SplunkLive comes to London on June 21
  • Upgrade your Bamboo instances, as there was a security disclosure in May.
  • Bamboo 4.1 just came out. (Atlassian sponsor this blog)
  • Atlassian just released their app marketplace, as well (see sponsor danger note above).
  • There’s a monitoring project that uses (my employers) Neo4j: the Assimilation Project. It’s a graphy world, people.
  • I’ve been busy with the intersection of frequent releases, Git, and Maven. I’ll share my learnings when the dust settles.
  • I did find some time to continue the great Skewer refactor. Hopefully I’ll sort out some PRs and get the next release out soon.