Monthly Archives: August 2012

Moving house

This blog now lives in New Jersey, hosted at WPEngine.  I’ve also moved the static hosting to Amazon S3.

Soon I should manage to shut down some of the numerous VPS systems that I seem to have accumulated.  I’m thinking about Heroku for hosting some of my other projects.  Even thinking about Amazon Route 53 for DNS.

News, 12 August

  • You can vote for JetBrains to add support for Puppet in Rubymine.  It’s the best Ruby development environment I’ve ever used, and I’d be able to use one tool for all my code if they just supported Puppet. [link]
  • Maurizio Pillitu  is working on an approach to bring in Maven functionality via composition, rather than inheritance. [link]
  • UrbanCode [sponsor danger] are doing a webinar on how to cope with IIS deployments [link]
  • Puppet Labs are launching a certification programme [link]
  • I can’t make DevOpsDays Europe 2012, but it’s in October [link]
  • I will be  at CitCon Europe … [link]
  • … but not North America [link]
  • UrbanCode [sponsor danger] have released a tool called Terraform to build environments (with Puppet, or Chef) in AWS or VMWare [link]
  •  Electric Cloud added deployment capabilities to Electric Commander, with Electric Deploy [link]
  • The guys at Klikap got in touch to talk about their outsourced CI product, Clinker [link]