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How to interview a DevOps person

First: reflect on the fact that DevOps is a cultural shift about collaboration. Do you want to hire a DevOps person, or encourage people to collaborate?

Second: make them write fizzbuzz. In front of you. In any language they care to use. Can they make it work? Can they discuss how they might have done it differently?

Third: ask them to write some Puppet, Chef, or Cfengine code, to solve a specific and contrived problem. Don’t make them solve a real-world problem yet, as you want them to demonstrate their skills in infrastructure-as-code. Discuss their solution as above.

If you’re happy at this point, you can continue a normal hiring process.

News, September 25

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  • Bamboo 4.2 allows you to change build behaviour depending on the branch that it’s building.  It also does automatic branch discovery for all you Subversion peeps. [link]
  • You should update anyway, as there’s another security advisory [link]
  • I like that AppFirst’s Dashboard seems to have business metrics [link]
  • Nexus Pro 2.1 is out with better staging for Ant and Maven users
  • Urbancode (sponsor danger) have a blog post on confuguration-only deployments as a way to reduce outage windows.  Good idea, though I’m still waiting to see something like PropIdle take off [link]

Vendor News, July^H^H^H^H September 5

I just found this in my drafts.  Bum.

  • James Turnbull’s online puppet linter (surely a tribute to
  • I love what heroku just did by acknowledging the true beauty of bourne based shells: link
  • UrbanCode [sponsor danger] made thier own, better version of skewer: link