Monthly Archives: February 2013

News, February 19

  • Bamboo 4.4 includes loads of performance tuning, and virtual private cloud support for build agents.
  • If you haven’t upgraded Go and Mingle this year, go and do it right now.  Go has had 2 vulnerabilities via Rails, so go make sure.
  • James Turnbull of Puppet Labs just released his book on logstash.  I don’t think he sleeps much. [link]
  • DevOps Down Under is on July 12, 2013 in Sydney.  I hope to be there. The call for proposals is out. [link]
  • DevOpsDays Auckland is on March 8. I will be there. [link]
  • Congrats to Luke and the crew at Puppet Labs on a massive investment from Vmware. [link]
  • Amazon continue to reduce price and make badass instances. Long may they continue.
  • Kohsuke is doing a useful webinar today: [link]
  • Urbancode (who sponsor this blog) are doing a webinar on how to avoid evil DevOps teams [link]
  • RubyMine 5 got released, with Puppet support.  Now you can raise more feature requests.
  • We’re still looking for someone to work on our Cloud team. [link]