aka Julian Simpson


Julian Simpson is The Build Doctor. He started his career formatting 5.25 inch hard disks in IBM AT PC’s. That was quite some time ago. Since then he has been a:

  • Marketing student
  • Proprietor of a business connecting people’s computers to the Internet
  • Very grumpy helpdesk operator
  • Unix Systems Administrator
  • Build and release consultant at ThoughtWorks and other companies
  • Systems administrator, Puppet coder and deleter of fraudulent accounts at a startup

Presently he is Principal Consultant at The Build Doctor Limited, the consultancy named after this very blog! Julian’s desire is to help everyone get their code into production as soon as they can. Software is better when it works for us, not when we lose it in the cracks between our development and operations teams.

Headline Skills

  • Continuous Integration
  • Build, and release engineering for Java, Ruby and .NET
  • Agile engineering practices
  • DevOps – reconciling Development and Operations practices and teams
  • UNIX and Linux Systems Administration

Articles and publications:

Professional Memberships:
  • Member of the British Computer¬†Society
  • Institute of Directors

Open Source Contributions:

  • CruiseControl
  • Apache Ant
  • Puppet-Lint

Conferences and Talks:


If you’d like to discuss anything with Julian, please get in touch!

  • Phone: (+44) 0207 183 0323
  • Email: julian@build-doctor.com
  • Twitter: @builddoctor

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