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Work with me at our funded Silicon Valley startup

We’re looking for someone to help extend and run our Cloud platform.

This is a role in a small team with lots of autonomy: we want to build an awesome cloud service to match our awesome product.  We’re funded, we’re selling our product like hotcakes and  we want you.  Link below.

Cloud DevOps Engineer



We’re hiring

We’re looking for some help, and we can train up a graduate:

Us: we’re a small UK consultancy who help people get better at delivering software. It’s easy to write software. Getting it into production where it makes money is a lot harder. That’s where we come in. We make sure that there’s a proper process for getting code built and promoted into production, with confidence.

You: you’re probably a computer science graduate. Though you may have a different background. You’re good with computer systems and want to see how the entire process of developing software works, from design to decommission. We’ll help you hone your skills on the appropriate tools before we send you out to clients to help them kick ass.

You’ll need to be able to think on your feet, learn quickly, and want to help people. You’ll also need the right to work in the UK. In return we’ll give you a ground-floor opportunity in a busy market niche and plenty of room to grow your skills and career.

If you’re looking for work or fancy a change of scene, do get in touch:


Loads of vacancies in London

We interrupt the silence to bring you news:

I’ve been asked to help fill permanent and contract build/release manager roles in London. Do get in touch ( if you’re looking for a new gig. Most roles are finance or telecomms.

In particular there’s a very good contract gig that I had to turn down just West of London. I’m trying to help fill it for some friends, so do mail if that would be an good commute for you.

I’ll be blogging properly in the autumn. Till then!

New Build Manager job in London

OpenGamma are looking for someone to help run their development infrastructure. I think it would be a lot of fun, and I’d personally love the location.

The market for this kind of work seems as strong as ever.

ThoughtWorks UK are hiring Build Managers

Want to work with some of the best programmers that one can hire? TWUK are looking for people like me, but with a better accent! It’s all in the ad below.

This is the gig that got me 2 very happy months’ work in San Francisco. And they don’t have a project in Hemel Hempstead any more.


New Jobs in the UK and USA

Apparently the recession is over. I’ve got two jobs on my job board:

  • A Java development role in London with my friends at YouDevise – really close to Bank and the rest of the city. I like the atmosphere.
  • ThoughtWorks are looking for people to help them build and deliver software in the USA. I have to say that my brief spell at TWUSA was very happy. Mind you, I was hanging out in San Francisco. Anyway, this is pretty new for TWUSA. I was build monkey infrastructure specialist #2 in the UK, but I don’t know of any people who did this much on client sites. I think it could be a fun ride.

I’m always happy to help people find good jobs, and good companies find good people. Email me if you need help.

Photo thanks to Dennis Wong

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UK Job: Build Manager in Southampton

Update: they found someone for the role. All done.

I’m not planning to make these a regular feature, but the nice guys at
Specsavers in Southampton are looking for a Build Master. Details in the PDF. Do tell them that you saw the role here if you apply.

London Build and Deploy Job RSS Feed

Another day at the office

Short story: I made an RSS feed for Build and Deploy jobs in London. I’m going to run it as a public service until January and see if it’s helped anyone. If I help one person find a job in that time, I’ll be very happy.

Long story: I get asked if I know anybody who can do build and deployment work around London. Generally I don’t. I’m happy to blog about them, but as my readership is mostly in North America (rankings for last month were 1. USA, 2. UK, 3. Germany and 4. Canada) I wanted to come up with a way to help, but keep the content relevant to the majority.

Microformats were the first idea that came to mind. Keep a page with job listings in a microformat, scrape the page and render into RSS. I started reading up on it but decided I’d park that. What worked, and what I could write offline on the train on my eeepc was simpler: a YAML file of jobs, and some Ruby scripts to generate an RSS feed. CruiseControl pushes the XML file of RSS feed out when there’s an update, and Feedburner does the work in counting subscribers and allowing me freedom to change the backend implementation. Beats reading Metro.

Anyway, that didn’t scale, so I now use a commercial job board tool and a Yahoo Pipe to filter out just the London jobs. Yahoo Pipes are great.


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Build and Release work in London, UK

I’ve been asked if I could suggest anybody for a couple of roles. As an experimental thing I thought I’d put them out there on the blog and see if that helps anybody. Completely open to feedback here. Would you like to see the occasional job ad? Hate the idea? Like the idea but want them on the sidebar? Let me know with a comment!

Fellow Kiwi Daniel called up the other day about a Release Manager role in the City. Very well paid role. It’s more business focussed than what gets blogged about here, but I think you’d want some technical experience. Link

The other role is for one to two days a month helping out with build and release management at a small software house. It would be a coaching role, helping with the strategy, etc. You’d probably be doing freelance work already. Drop me a line at and I’ll put you in touch with the boss there.