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Video: Adam of Mike CI

Last Friday I had a quick pint with Adam and Chris from Mike CI (The Cheshire Cheese in Little Essex St do a decent pint of Bombardier). I lured Adam out into the cold for a chat about what they’ve been doing. Thanks Adam!

Drunken Build Monkeys, and Agile Systems Administration

LRUG kindly let me do a talk on Systems Administration on Wednesday night. It had a working title of Drunken Build Monkey (my homage to Jackie Chan), but ended up with a far more serious title.

John Arundel opened the event (and let me steal his MacBook for my Keynote presentation). Thanks to the DevOpsDays crew for coming to the talk and joining in the conversation.  Here’s the video:


And here’s the slides:

Presentation: Continuous Integration from the trenches

I presented this talk at QCon London in March this year. InfoQ just released the video here.

How did it go? Fine. I did pitch it at too low a detail. This was partly because I’d stunned a group of managers into submission with the same talk. The attendees were really technically accomplished in this session, partly because Gus Power and Kris Lander did a barnstorming talk before me; they were mobbed afterwards. Dan North suggested in the bar afterwards that I could have raced through the slides and thrown the talk open. Oh well, there’s always a next time.

Thanks to Steve Freeman for including me in the track. If you have any questions, do tweet or email medic (at) build (hyphen) doctor (dot) com.


Update: Ikenna wanted the slides. Get them here.


Video: Jeffrey Fredrick Interview

Last week we interviewed PJ. This week it’s JTF, or Jeffrey Fredrick. He’s one of the guys who maintained CruiseControl and co-founded the OIF (the organisation that brings you CITCON). He’s also the Technical Evangelist for Urbancode, who bring you Ant Hill Pro.

My Flip cam called time on the interview by filling up at 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Jeffrey, thanks for the interview!


Continuous Deployment Video – Tim Fitz

Related video from CITCON coming soon


Continuous Integration 1920’s style

Totally missed this in 2007. Thanks to Oscar Centeno for finding this in the archives.